• Indian concept relating to circular rotating spiritual/energy vortices existing in the etherial body
• Each of the 7 chakra energy vortices relates to a different part of the body as follows:

  • Root: base of spine (red)
  • Sacral: below navel (orange)
  • Solar plexus: above navel, below heart (yellow)
  • Heart: chest (green)
  • Throat: neck (blue)
  • Brow or Third Eye: center of forehead (purple [some consider this to be indigo])
  • Crown: top of head (white [some consider this to be purple])

• For more, see Chakra at Wikipedia

The act of allowing a spirit to communicate through the physical body of a medium
Sometimes used interchangeably with the word medium
Also see Trance Channelling

Cheetah (as a spirit guide)
• Swiftness, insight, intense focus.


A Chinese term for “Vital Life Force”, “Life Force Energy” or “Universal Life Force Energy
• Also known as Ki (Japan), Prana (India) Ha or Mana (Polynesian cultures), Qi (Taoists), Chi (China), Ka (Ancient Egypt)

Cho Ku Rei

• Also known as the “Power” Symbol
• Used to increase the power of healing and the flow of Life Force Energy

• An annual holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ
• Established in 4th century CE, as a holiday to be celebrated on Dec. 25, to replace Yule, celebrations, to entice Pagans into the Christian faith

• Meaning “Clear Smelling”
Psychic perception through smelling without a physical cause for the smell

• Meaning “Clear Hearing”
Psychic perception through hearing
May sound like an inner voice or actual perceptions of external sounds

• Meaning “Clear Knowing”
Psychic perception through knowing; the feeling of ‘simply knowing’ without clear evidence of how or why the person knows it

• Meaning “Clear Tasting”
• Psychic perception through taste, without physically touching something to the toungue

• Meaning “Clear Feeling”
Psychic perception through feeling; a sense that one feels something without clear evidence of how or why the person knows it
Intuition, hunch, gut feeling

• Meaning “Clear Seeing”
Psychic perception through seeing; seeing an image in the mind’s eye

Coyote (as a symbol &/or spirit guide)
Survival, Adaptability, Cleverness, Family, Cooperation, Curiosity
• Teacher, Keeper of Magic (like the Raven)

Court Cards
Sixteen cards that are part of the minor arcana in the Tarot
Each suit consists of a King, Queen, Knight and Page in the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck (other decks may have different names such as princes and princesses)
May or may not represent people in the life of a querent of a tarot reading
Analogous to the court cards of a regular playing deck of cards: king, queen and jack
For more information see Tarot