Deer (as a spirit guide – also see Fawn)
• Gentleness, caring, kindness
• Innocence, vulnerability
• Keen psychic insight, observation, sensitivity, ability to listen

Deja Vu
• “Already seen” (fr.)
• The feeling of a present situation or event in time being extraordinarily familiar, as if having experienced it prior to that moment
• Some theories about what deja vu is include: memory recall of dreams or a past-life

Dai Ko Myo
[dee koh me-oh]
• Third degree Reiki Symbol
• Also known as the “Master” Symbol
• Used to perform attunements, and to heal the soul and spirit

• Relating to the latin word ‘divinare’ meaning ‘to be inspired by god.’ (Wikipedia)
• The practice of divining or ascertaining information through telepathic or supernatural means
• Tools of divination include such things as tarot cards, runes, divining stones, bones and crystal ball
• For more information see divination at Wikipedia

Divining Rod
[dee•vai•ning rod]
• Tool used in the act of dowsing.
• Most-famously known as a y-shaped tree branch, but may be “L” shaped, may be wire, metal, brass or even glass or plastic
• Also known as a dowsing rod or a witching rod

Dreamhealer, Adam
• An energy healing prodigy from Canada
• Wrote his first book on energy healing at the age of16
• Healed musician Ronnie Hawkins of cancer.

• A set of belief systems or principles dictated as true by a specific authority, usually a religion

• The practice of searching for water, minerals, gemstones or other naturally occurring objects underground by holding and interpreting the movement of, most-commonly, a y shaped tree branch (called a ‘divining rod’)
• May also be done with a pendulum, coat hanger or a variety of different tools.
• Also known as divining or water witching

• Thoughts and images occurring during REM stage of sleep
• In psychology, dreams are sometimes thought to be caused by our subconscious working out problems that we are not aware of on a conscious level
• In metaphysics, some dreams may be prophetic and may sometimes be a vehicle by which spirits communicate with those in the physical world