white and blue smoke illustrationGabriel
• One of the four major archangels, along with Michael, Raphael and Uriel
• Archangel of communication: “Messenger of God”
• Helps earthly messengers such as artists, writers, journalists & teachers
• Archangel of communication also through intuition, prophecy and dreams
• Look to Gabriel for assistance in writing, to help children and communication endeavors
• Also see “Guardian Angel” and “Archangel.”

• The spirit of a person who has left his/her physical body but their etheric body remains in our physical plane.
• Often times the spirit is unaware they have left their physical body. This might be due to a sudden or traumatic death.
• Also known as apparitions

Goose (as a symbol)
• “Persevering, dogged, and ambitious to a fault”
• “Sets goals for accomplishment, and achieves them”
• For more on Goose, see What’s Your Sign

• An Elemental; Representing the element of earth
• Small, human-like creature who lives underground

Green (as a symbol)
• Growth, Cycle of Life, Regeneration, Abundance
• Harmony, Balance, Hope, Healing
• Finances, Potential, Reliability, Longevity
Negative conotations: Greed, Jealousy, Stubborness, Envy, Suspicion


• To share another reality with another person, animal, plant or any physical entity
• Term coined by Author Robert A. Heinlein in book “Stranger in a Strange Land
• Used in Huna to heal through 4th level reality


• Consciously focusing on one’s own physical connection to the earth
• Creates a balance when working in the psychic and/or spiritual realm

Guardian Angel
• An angel which protects, guides and assists those in physical body
• A spiritual guardian who has never had a physical incarnation (as opposed to a spirit guide)