• Literally: means “receiving”
• School of thought that examines the mystical aspects of Judaism.
• A metaphysical or mystical examination of the Torah
• Uses the “Tree of Life” as an explanation of connection to God
• Also spelled “qabalah” or “cabalah”
• For more, see Kabalah at Wikipedia



A type of energetic healing traditional to Hawaii
• The transfer of universal energy, or “mana”, to another person through a kahi healer for healing purposes
• Sometimes referred to as “Hawaiian Reiki”, however, while similar in some repsects, the process is somewhat different

Kahuna (In Hawaiian Context)

• An expert in any given field, with extensive knowledge in Hawaiian culture (http://www.huna.org/html/kahuna.html)
• Commonly thought of as wise men (or women) &/or healers
• A “title” like M.D. or Ph.D
• Spiritual leaders
• For more, see “What is a Kahuna?” @ Aloha International

• Based on the law of cause and effect
• Basic philosophy which holds that actions we take will affect us in kind later
• Some believe karma takes place only in this lifetime, some believe karma is across many incarnations, others believe both to be true

•A Japanese term for “Vital life force”, “Life Force Energy” or “Universal Life Force Energy
• Also known as Ki (Japan), Prana (India) Ha or Mana (Polynesian cultures), Qi (Taoists), Chi (China), Ka (Ancient Egypt)

• Subconscious, or lower self, in the Huna philosophy
• Stores memory & habits
• Responsible for keeping the body functioning (ie: breathing, walking, eating)