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For the week of Feb. 10. 2008

Card: King of Pentacles
Deck: Universal Waite (Pocket Edition)

The same cards — over and over — Well, last week I spoke about repeating cards, so I’ll leave that alone today. Today I’ll mention how different the meaning of a card can be with relation to each card having both a positive and negative connotation, depending on the reading. king-of-pentacles

The last reading with this gentleman was less than positive, today he tells us this:

Indulge yourself this Valentine’s Day. Whether you are in a relationship with another person, or not, this is a day to honor your relationship with yourself.

So often this card presents us with a down to earth, practical message. But there’s more to this card than meets the eye. Both pentacles and green, which stand out to me here, are ruled by Venus. Did you know that every 8 years, Venus completes a cycle that moves in the symbol of a pentagram? What this tells me is that this day, as is everyday, is a day to honor our whole self: to bring it into balance.

And one of the ways to do that is by making Valentine’s Day as special for ourselves as we try to make it for others. So often we take care of ourselves only minimally. We make sure that our basic needs are secured, we live in the material world with what we need.

Too often, however, we fail to allow ourselves to indulge. We fail to look at ourselves as people who deserve to feel the sensuality and tactile response of beauty in our lives. Romance yourself as well as your partner, if you have one in your life.

strawberriesKnow that by doing this you open up your life to greater growth and potential because you bring all of the elements into balance: groundedness, communication, emotion & intuition, energy, and spirit.

So stroke your cat and really appreciate the softness of his/her fur. Indulge yourself with a chocolate covered strawberry and appreciate how decadent you can be. Put on soothing music and light candles, soak in the meditative quality of the flickering of the flame. If you have someone to share these things with, do so by allowing yourself to become enveloped in the refuge of their emotion. If you are alone on this day, do all of these things and romance yourself, because — you’re worth it.

Symbols Used

    • BULL/TAURUS: Material, tactile & sensual
    • PLANET:VENUS: Love, romance, sensuality & beauty, indulge your senses.
    • PENTACLES: Our body & the material world. What we perceive with our senses: Spirit (higher self), Earth (health, touch, stability), Air (communication, thought), Water emotions, intuition) & Fire (energy, creativity, love of life)
    • CASTLE: Refuge, safety, protection.
    • GRAPEVINES: Abundance, subconscious.
    • GREEN: Growth, potential, hope, healing. Ruled by Venus: Love, romance

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