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Paranormal substance or spiritual energy exuded from the body of a medium during a trance state which covers a spirit, enabling them to interact on a physical level.



• A spirit composed of one of the four elements; fire, water, air, earth
• Elementals are as follows:

  • Earth: Gnomes
  • Water: Undines
  • Air: Sylphs
  • Fire: Salamanders

• For more information see elementals on wikipedia

• The elements that make up all that we know: fire, water, air, earth
• Elements are the basis of many tools of divination such as astrology and the tarot



Elephant (as a symbol)

• Good luck
• Ancient wisdom
• Loyalty to family, friends

Elephant (as a spirit guide)

• Peaceful, Strength, Power, Loyalty, Affection,
• Deep Compassion, Intelligence, Ancient Wisdom


• A small, elusive, supernatural human-type creature most well-known in folk tales
• Typically has pointy ears and magical powers


esp_crystalESP (Extra Sensory Perception)
• Ability to attain information by means beyond the five known and commonly accepted senses.
• Psychic ability