Judgement (tarot, major arcana)

• Rebirth, transformation
• Resurrection, spiritual awakening
• Cleansing, release from guilt
• Waking up to a calling



Jupiter (in astrology)

• Thought of as the ‘luck’ and ‘good fortune’ planet
• Rules Sagittarius and Pisces, the 9th and the 12th houses
• Corresponds with Purple, Dark Blue & the Number 4
• Represents prosperity, expanding social awareness & insight through knowledge

Juno (mythology)
• Ancient Roman goddess
• Wife of Jupiter, daughter of Saturn
• Guarded over finances of empire


Justice (tarot, major arcana)
• A card of the rule of law, balance, values and ideals
• Ruled by Libra
• May relate to legal matters
• Represents objectivity, reason and balance


Jung, Carl (Gustav) (1875–1961)
[young, car-el]

• One of history’s most influential psychologists
• Explored nature of the human psyche through more esoteric means than other psychologists of his day, such as dreams, art, religion, mythology and philosophy
• Explored both eastern and Western philosophies
• Major conceptual theories include archetypes, collective unconscious (also known as the Akashic Records) and synchronicity.