• A small item, such as a piece of jewelry or stone, often inscribed with what are thought to be magical symbols
• An object worn for protection, considered to have ‘magical powers’ or to bring good luck
• See also “amulet

[tar•oh] (some put the accent on the first syllable)
• A tool of divination
• A deck of 78 cards with images and symbols on them used as a tool of self-reflection and divination

Tasseography (also known as tasseomancy or tassology):
• Method of divination by reading tea leaves, coffee grounds or wine sediments
• For more information see tasseography in Wikipedia

• The ability to move an object with the energetic power of the mind. (also known as psychokinesis)

• Communication through thoughts and energy rather than through the 5 physical senses
• Communication is often referred to as “telepathic communicaton”

Third Eye
• Psychic energy center located at the brow chakra in the middle of the forehead

Tree of Life
• Mystical symbol representing elements of life such as growth, wisdom, grounded-ness,
• Symbolic of connection between heaven and earth
• In Kabbalistic tradition, represents creation and path to the divine.
• For more see “Tree of Life Symbol”