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Yellow (as a symbol)
• Intellect, awareness
• Carefree, cheerful, ight-hearted, joy for life
• Negative connotations: Cowardly, deceitful

white and blue bird figurine

Yin and Yang
• Chinese concept based on the theory that the natural state of the universe is balance; ie: for every type of energy there is a equal opposite energy, and all are interconnected.

  • Yin: feminine principal; passive; associated with the tranquility, night, moon & psychic energy
  • Yang: masculine principal; active; associated with the sun, daylight, heat & creation

• A Hindu discipline of Integrating all aspects of an individual – body, mind & spirit
• Usually done in a routine of various “poses” which stretch and strengthen body tone while in a focused mental state

• A Pagan festival celebrating the winter solstice
• Appropriated, in the 4th century CE, by the Christian faith, as Christmas, to entice pagans into the faith

• A Chinese movement, or school of thought emphasizing meditation as a way to enlightenment
• For more information see zen at Wikipedia


• Personification of a soft westerly breeze; a gentle breeze