Major Arcana
• 22 cards in the tarot deck which represent a spiritual higher life purpose

• An Hawaiian term for “Vital Life Force”, “Life Force Energy” or “Universal Life Force Energy
• Also known as Prana in Hinduism, Ki in Japan, and Chi in Chinese culture

• Sanskrit loosely translated meaning ‘circle’ representing ‘wholeness’ or the universe
• Symbol of infinite life and our relation to it.
• For more information see What is a Mandala?

• A word or a sound consistently repeated as a focal point in meditation

• A discipline of entering the mind into a deep state of relaxation
• May involve stilling the mind completely, or focusing on a singular word, sound or thought

• A person with the ability to communicate with people who have crossed over into the spirit world (ie: with those who have died)

• A form of communicaton with persons who have crossed over into the spirit world, ie: persons deceased.
• Communication conducted by a medium.

• In acupuncture, pathways associated with specific organs, which carry mana, or ‘universal life force’ throughout the body

• Relating to metaphysics

• A philosophy based on beliefs, thoughts and investigation of realities beyond the known physical and scientific world.
• Concerned with such topics as psychic development, mediumship, divination, the supernatural, the soul, life after death, reincarnation and telepathy
• Often considered pagan beliefs


• One of the four major archangels, along with Gabriel, Raphael & Uriel
• Archangel of protection: Patron Saint of Police Officers
• Seek assistance from Michael for protection & courage, & to release fear and negativity
• Also see “Guardian Angel” and “Archangel.”

Minor Arcana
[mi-nor • ar-ka-na]
• 56 cards in the tarot deck which represent everyday aspects of life

• Belief in or pursuit of knowledge relating to things ‘mysterious’
• Belief system which goes beyond religion in seeking direct communication with one’s god or gods, rather than going through the middle-man of religious functionaries such as a priest or rabbi