Law Of Attraction
• A spiritual law that is based on the idea that whatever we focus our attention on, we attract to us
• “Makia”: Energy flows where attention goes (Huna 3rd principal)

• The act of rising and hovering in the air without physical contact, often by supernatural means

• Seventh sign of the zodiac
• September 24 to October 23
• Balance, justice, diplomacy; indecisiveness, timidity


ki-symbolLife Force Energy (Also known as “Universal Life Force Energy“)
• The energy of all life; the vibration of life itself
• Energy from “Universal Source”
• Also known as Ki (Japan), Prana (India) Ha or Mana (Polynesian cultures), Qi (Taoists), Chi(China), Ka (Ancient Egypt)


Lightning (as a symbol)
• A flash of intuition or creativity, truth, inspiration
• Message from a divine source aiming to ‘get your attention’
• Just punishment in a negative context


Lily (white: as a symbol)
• Purity, innocence, virginity



Lion (as a symbol)
• Strength, courage, bravery, power, royalty, protection
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• The conscious, or middle self, in the Huna philosophy