• An animal which assists a witch in performing magic.
• The most common image of a familiar is the black cat, but it can be any animal.
• Considered a ‘guardian angel’ or ‘spiritual assistant’ to a Wiccan or Neo-Pagan
• Often carries a ‘demonic’ or negative connotation to fundamentalist Christians

fawnFawn (as a spirit guide – also see Deer)
• Gentleness, caring, kindness
• Innocence, vulnerability
• Keen psychic insight, observation, sensitivity, ability to listen

feng-shuiFeng Shui
• Ancient Chinese system of choosing or configuring environment based on elements of nature to create an harmonious and balanced existence
• Literal translation: wind water
• For more information see ‘bagua’

Four Levels of Reality
• A set of beliefs in the Huna tradition which assumes that there are four separate levels of reality

  • Scientific/Physical: Everything is objective and factual. We are bound by physical, scientific laws.
  • Subjective/Psychic: All things are connected, the world is defined not only by facts but by psychic and/or telepathic experiences
  • Symbolic/Shamanic/Dream: All of our experiences can be viewed and interpreted as symbolic, as a dream.
  • Holistic/Mystical: Everything in the universe is one. Everything is made up of energy, and all energy is connected.
  •  For further information, see 4 Levels of Reality

Flower Essence

• A substance made from the blossoms of plants used for therapeutic purposes
• Uses ‘vibrational’ energy of flower to match vibrational energy of desired physical or emotional state
• Developed by Dr. Edward Bach in 1932



Free Will
• Ability to choose ones own life path
• Philosophical belief v. that of all things in life are predestined



• Norse pagan goddess of love, beauty and fertility



frogFrog (as a symbol)
• Good luck, joy, transformation
• Protection, rain, fertility