• One of the four major archangels, along with Michael, Gabriel and Uriel
• Archangel of healing
• Heals and assists healers on the Earthly plane
• Seek assistance from Raphael if you need healing or seek to become a healer
• Also see “Guardian Angel” and “Archangel.”

• Holistic healing technique which allows practitioner to transfer universal life energy to patient distantly or, most commonly, through the palms of the hands
• Known as a form or energy healing or holistic healing

Reiki Master
• One who has been attuned to the energies of reiki to the Master (third degree) level.
• A person who is capable of performing attunements on others to initiate them to become Reiki Practioners

Reiki Spool
• An intention set to send Reiki either continuously, or at specific intervals, for a specific amount of time

Reiki Symbols
• Sacred symbols used in the practice of reiki
• Basic symbols and most common uses are:

• “Rebirth of a soul into a new body after physical death” (Apple dictionary)
• Based on the belief that our lifetimes are a school of learning and our souls keep returning until we have learned all we need to learn

• A tradition of witchcraft
• The mixture of earth-based religion and politics

• A system of massage and accupressure, focusing on specific areas of the foot in order to heal other areas of the body.

Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot Deck (also known as “Rider Deck” and “Rider-Waite”)
• The most popular tarot deck in the English speaking world
• Symbolic images designed by Pamela Coleman Smith
• Unique at the time because of the symbolism throughout both major and minor arcana
• See decks and clones here

• Small stones bearing markings of an ancient Germanic alphabet
• A tool of divination