• A person holding spiritual beliefs based on reverence to the earth and natural elements
• A person who doesn’t hold traditional religious beliefs is often pejoratively called a pagan
• Many major holidays have their basic roots in pagan rituals, usurped and adopted by Christianity.
• Wicca is considered a pagan religion

grayscale photo of human palms

Palmistry (also known as palm-reading)
• A process of divination through examination of the lines on the palm of the querent’s hand

• That which cannot be explained by science.
• Commonly used to refer to such occurrences as spirit sightings and haunted houses.
• May also be used to refer to any psychic/telepathic activity

Past Life Regression
[past • life • ree-gresh-shun]
• A technique of remembering previous physical incarnations while under hypnosis
• Used mainly for spiritual or therapeutic purpose

• A weight that hangs freely used as a tool of divination and/or to access the subconscious

• A pentagram surrounded by a circle: symbolizes unity and the connection of our being and all elements
• One of the suits of a traditional tarot deck: representing the element of earth

• Traditional symbol for the religion of Wicca, just as a cross is the symbol for Christianity
• Four points represent the elements of air, water, earth and fire; the top point represents spirit

Piko Piko
[pee-ko pee-ko]
• An Hawaiian breathing technique used in Huna shamanism & healing
• Performed by breathing in while focusing on the top of your head and breathing out while focusing on your belly button

• A person who uses natural intuitive powers for divinatory purposes

[si-kick / mee-dee-uhm]
• A person who is psychic, but who also communicates with the spirit world
• All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums

• A Hindu term for “Vital Life Force”, “Life Force Energy” or “Universal Life Force Energy
• Also known as Ki (Japan), Prana (India) Ha or Mana (Polynesian cultures), Qi (Taoists), Chi (China), Ka (Ancient Egypt)

Purple (as a symbol)
• Spirituality, insight, intuitiveness,
• Royalty, sacred connection to the divine