Vision of the Past, Vision for the Future

Tarot Inspired Reflection for the week of Jan 6, 2008

It’s a new year, time for not only looking towards where you are going, but reflecting on where you have been. For, without knowing and learning from the past, how can you make your future the most fulfilling it can be?

At times, we find ourselves on the cusp of completing one aspect of our lives and moving onto another — not only physically, but spiritually. This cusp is the dividing line between that which has run it’s course and being reborn into a new vision for our lives. How is your energy affecting — and being affected by — that vision?

To know that our lives are a never-ending cycle is one way to have the strength and courage to face whatever we are leaving behind, and to move forward towards what lies ahead. We wear the robe of that renewal, knowing that by allowing our spirituality to shroud us, we can lead happier and more productive lives.

So look not only to the future, look to the past, as well. Look to see how far you have come. Look to your mistakes to see how you have grown. Look to your times of difficulty and strife, to see where it has led you and how life has a way of renewing itself.

Stay focused on your future goals with an eye on how you got to where you are. Because without the conscious knowledge of that experience, instead of using that life cycle to renew and grow, you end up just chasing your tail.


  • Green: Growth, productivity
  • King: Completion
  • Lion: Courage, strength
  • Lizard: Spirituality, cycle/renewal, vision
  • Orange: Happiness, well-being
  • Wand: Spirituality, growth

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