Is Clairvoyance Dangerous?


“I find that I have fears of being clairvoyant. And it’s kind of odd as to what I’m afraid of. With animals, I have no problem attempting to communicate with one who has passed on. ghost_painting But I find that I have fears of seeing people who have passed on. I’m sure that the images of all the ghost movies that I’ve seen over the course of my life has something to do with it, not that I’ve seen a lot of them.

Maybe it was as [you] mentioned …. how humans are “conditional” and animals are not. I know that animals are pure good and don’t have hidden agendas like a lot of humans do. Maybe I’m afraid of their potential hidden agendas harming me and that’s why I’m afraid to see them, and therefore creating clairvoyant blocks for myself.

[Do you] have any ideas as to how I can lessen these fears? Can [you] tell me what the souls of people look like to them? Are they scary and gruesome like some of the scary movies? I guess this is something that I want to work on.”

Good question. First of all, I do — absolutely — believe your fears are based on Hollywood’s depiction of ‘ghosts.’ Most people with any type of experience in the area don’t even like the word, we prefer the word ‘spirits.’

Second of all, you already are clairvoyant. When you speak with an animal and you get a vision of what they are communicating, you are using clairvoyance. When you get a feeling, you are using ‘clair-sentience.’ When you hear sounds, you are using ‘clairaudience.’ It doesn’t just have to do with people who have passed on, clairvoyance is anytime you “see” something via telepathic means.

You use that sense to communicate with animals. I use that sense when I read someone’s cards. John Edward uses that sense — that “sixth sense” – when he communicates with beings who have crossed over.

Now, another thing to remember, is what I said in a previous post about animals, unconditional love, and humans and judgement, this is based on what these being’s lives were like when they walked the earth. When spirits communicate with us from the other side, they do so by using an energy that we can easily understand, and the energy that we understand is how they were on this earth. But the etherial body is not something to fear and is not necessarily based in human or animal form.

Many cultures believe, as do I, that when we reincarnate, we can reincarnate as other types of beings. angel_sunFor humans to believe that they are the superior species is highly egotistical, something that is unique to human beings. Other species don’t have that type of ego. Personally, I believe that makes them superior to us in many ways … certainly much more spiritual.

Because we have brains, we have let our telepathy skills shrivel up and die, to the point that, as you said in a previous post, we beat it out of our kids. But, really, which is the more superior being with respect to being ‘closer to spirit?’ Certainly, this is a debatable question, but one worthy of discussion.

You have seen spirits, I’m sure. Have you ever had anyone close to you die: a person or an animal? Have they ever come to you in a dream? When I saw James Van Praagh speak, one thing he said was that is the most common way spirits communicate with us. However, outside of that, when people do ‘see’ a spirit, that spirit is going to present itself in the way you can best recognize it.

A friend of my mom’s saw the spirit of my father once. My mom wasn’t in the room, the friend had never met my father but described him to my mom, down to the type of shirt he had, one that she recognized from life, and the unique way he stood with his finger crooked in his pocket.

Most spirits are not out to hurt anyone. The type of spirits that John Edward communicates with, and I hope to communicate with as a medium, are spirits who have crossed over. They have lived their life here and have other things to do on the other side. Many times, those other things include helping us as spirit guides. (Spirit guides have lived a physical life, angels have not.) The ones most depicted in the movies, and the ones who are most well-known as “ghosts,” are spirits who have become confused in some way during their passing.

For instance, if a person is violently murdered ‘before his/her time’ (which is a theory debatable in and of itself) they may not realize they are dead. When this happens, that spirit’s soul gets “caught” in a sort of ‘no man’s land’ between this physical dimension and the dimension on the other side. Most times they may haunt places that are familiar to them and which comfort them. The best thing a medium can do for them is to help them understand that they are dead and help them move on into the light.

Think “Ghost” with Patrick Swayze. It’s like that. Only in that way, they portrayed it as a spirit which stayed to help a loved one. Not impossible, but very Hollywood. That’s the drama. In reality, yes, there are a lot of spirits that walk the earth because they don’t know they are no longer in physical body, but when you hear about ‘mediums,’ many are connecting with people who have ‘crossed over’ rather than finding those who haven’t.

There is really no reason to be afraid of connecting with spirits. There are certainly energies out there that can be harmful, but that is why all psychics, as you probably do with AC, have some sort of protection ritual. nebula We surround ourselves with protective white light so that we allow only positive energies to connect with us.

OTOH, we have all had the experience of “psychic vampires.’ These might be people in the physical world who suck you dry of your energy! I bet you know people like that! One really good book, if I remember correctly, which addressed the fear that you speak of is a book called, So You Want To Be A Medium. That type of fear is sort of like the stigma of the Ouija Board. The board and using it isn’t dangerous, what is dangerous is people using it when they have not protected themselves properly, and when they believe so strongly that it is dangerous, that they create and draw in the energy that they fear most.

Remember that energy is energy. You need to protect yourself from bad energy from people in the physical world every bit as much as those in the spirit world. I’d go more into psychic vampires, but maybe that’s a subject for another post

Suffice is to say, you are in control of what energy you allow into your life just like you are in control of who walks into your house. You wouldn’t just leave your doors opened or unlocked all the time, would you? Of course not. So this is what psychics and mediums — and animal communicators — do. We surround ourselves with protective light because we are opening a door to our psyches and our souls. We are in control of who we invite in and who we do not.

Anyway, this is a big subject for a small post, but hopefully I’ve put your mind at ease somewhat. As far as what you might do, I really suggest the John Edward book (One Last Time It’s really interesting. I couldn’t put it down.

How exciting for you, though, that you are opening a new door in your life to learn about things you never knew before. For me, that’s what living is all about. It’s such fun. I hope I helped.


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