Animal Spirit Guide: Kangaroo



Nurturing, courage, gratitude, momentum, foundation, stability, balance, strength, instinct, protection, adaptation.

Think about a Kangaroo. It makes a journey as a fetus from the womb to the safety of the mother’s pouch. They have strong tails and large feet to balance them and to propel them forward, and their tails to navigate the way.

When Kangaroo crosses your path, use Kangaroo energy to:

— Find the strength to move forward in leaps and bounds
— Recognize the emotional nourishment available to you through family (remembering we can define who our family is.)
— Use your momentum to keep moving forward.
— Nurture your ideas, then be prepared for them to progress in leaps and bounds.

Kangaroo energy can teach us:

— to use instinct to avoid from bad situations
— to help us protect our young and create a safe home environment
— to find the courage to leap out into the world to face new challenges, using home and family as a foundation.

Animal Spirit Guides by Steven D. Farmer

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