New Possibilities

Card of the Week
Tarot Lessons by Example
For the week of Feb. 24. 2008

Card: Ace of Wands
Deck: Illuminated Tarot
Key Words: Developing ideas, initiative, creativity

If you look hard enough, you can see gifts being offered from a higher source. Those gifts come from within you. Now is the time to look inward to see where your inner guides can take you.

It’s time to look at the creative endeavors you envision with eagerness and excitement, rather than fear and trepidation.

Whatever negative messages given you in the past, that may prevent you from having the courage to act on your ideas, are far removed from your current life. The safety and security you sought from other people are now things you are capable of giving yourself.

In seeing that you have too much growth between the past and the present, you can discard those messages and seek out advice from your own inner guides.

By looking inward, you can develop courage to develop your ideas, and the confidence to understand you are capable to complete any endeavor you embark on with resounding success and purity of purpose.

Once you open yourself to your ‘self,’ you open yourself up to new possibilities and a different way of looking at things. The next time you get an ‘epiphany,’ seemingly out of nowhere, you will be able to act on it, and manifest it, with excitement and purpose.

Symbols Used
— Castle: Safety, security (left side: may be influenced by family of origin)
— Clouds: Epiphany, bright idea ‘out of nowhere’, messages from the divine
— Budding Leaves (10): Potential to complete task
— Yods (8): Channelling divine energy to organize and manifest ideas

Colors Used:
Green: Regeneration, Growth
Purple: Spiritual insight & knowledge
Red: Action, purpose, will
Pink (cross between red & white): Purity in purpose

“Pictures from the Heart: A Tarot Dictionary” by Sandra A. Thomson
— A. Venefica’s Tarot Teachings

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