Spirituality of Communication

Tarot reflection for the week of Feb. 3, 2008

Card: Two of Cups
Deck: Universal Waite (Pocket Edition)

Well how fascinating. This is my 7th ‘weekly reflection’ and 3 times out of those 7 times I have drawn the Two of Cups.

two-of-swords There is a lesson here. Every week, before drawing a card, I ask my guides and the universe to let me draw a card which will give me information which all who read it will relate to.

I see this card about relationships. In “Christmas Contemplation”, I spoke about appreciating family over commercialism during the holidays. In “The Power of Mana” I spoke about how bettering ourselves, in turn, will improve our relationships.

Today goes along with that, it’s about communication & our relationship with our inner-self. But before I go on, I want to make the point about recurring cards. Twos indicate duality, choice and decision. How many times do we see a sign time after time but ignore it? We simply pass it off as ‘coincidence.’

But these things are not coincidence. It is the universe’s way of giving you a subtle message about something. By using the tarot, we have a symbolic tool at our disposal to keep after us about something we need to be looking at. In that way, it can be not only a spiritual tool, but a therapeutic one, as well.

Now, I could easily look at this card and say, “Well, this is trying to tell me something about my life, and that is indeed part of it — but only part. I say this because the only time I’ve been re-drawing this card is when I sit down to write a reading for you — my readers. I actually have had a recurring card for myself in the past couple of weeks, and that card has been “The Hermit,” not the Two of Cups.hermit

So, I feel that the universe is trying to tell me something that I need to express to you, as well as myself, or I would be pulling this card in my personal readings, as well. Obviously this comes through my own filter, but I have made the decision to write these contemplations for the benefit of all who read them.

Today blue is standing out to me. Not only is the sky blue, but the woman in the card has a brilliant blue cloak on. Blue is the color of the 5th chakra, the throat chakra, which represents communication. And that what the theme of this card is today: “Communication.”

The importance of communication cannot be underestimated. We have an orange winged lion hovering overhead, attached to a caduceus, the symbol of health. What this is saying to me is that for far too long in this sometimes emotionally stunted society of ours, we have downplayed the importance of interpersonal communication to the point where it affects not only our own health, but the health of others. (In some cases, it affects your health because others are unwilling to communicate with you. — I will write on psychic vampires [those who suck your emotions dry] at a later time.)

Think about how many of the world’s problems could be solved with healthy communication. Think about how many of your own problems could be solved by healthy communication. Ah, but there’s the key word there — healthy communication.

illustration We all communicate, it’s how we communicate which is the issue. How many people do you know (are you one of them?) who refuse to speak to someone because of their pride, or because they don’t want to get into a “confrontation.”

But not all communication to work out problems wind up in ‘confrontation.’ Some people just — talk. Who in your circle would you have a better relationship with if you were able to more effectively communicate with them if ego would allow? Your parent, child, friend, spouse, co-worker? How much better would you feel? How much would airing things out help your own health and well-being? How much more would it allow you to effectively meet the challenges of everyday life if you didn’t have emotions inside you simmering like a pressure cooker or if you weren’t in a constant state of battle?

Certainly not everyone is capable of win-win communication, but chances are if you are capable of healthy communication, you will eventually run into someone close to you who is not. The question is how do you handle it?

The answer can only be found by your own introspection, but that introspection is a start. Getting in touch with your own spirituality has a healthy and calming effect on your life. Resolve to meditate, play, relax. Giving to yourself in a loyal, loving and devoted way can open up a communication process within yourself that may well protect you from psychic vampires as well as preventing you from becoming one.

Communication. It’s fundamental. It’s how we operate. By communicating with our own higher being, we can become more content, better equip ourselves to rise to the challenges of our everyday lives, and better communicate with others &/or understand how to deal with it when they won’t.

Symbols Used

• Blue: Communication, calmness, introspection, spirituality
• Blue Garment: loyalty, love, devotion, compassion
• Caduceus: Healing, Communication
• Orange: Determination, well-being, contentment
• Sun (rules orange): Meets the challenges of everyday life
• Two: Duality, choice, decision
• Winged Lion: Transmutation from lower self to higher self

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