Animal Spirit Guide: Walrus

walrusWalrus as an Animal Spirit Guide

Physical Closeness, protection, paying attention.

When walrus crosses your path:
— Hug someone you care about
— Get together with close friends
— Join a group of like-minded people
— To take the path of least resistance

Think about Walrus:
Walrus is an interesting animal. Gregarious & physically social, Walrus is slow moving & clumsy on land (they store fat) but they at home in the water (water=emotions.)

Use walrus energy when:

— You feel the need for more physical affection
— You need to be more aware of your physical surroundings
— You want to relax & feel more positive about a financial situation

Walrus medicine teaches us:

–To be aware of our surroundings, yet not be so cautious as to push people away
— That we, too, are social animals & need others for hugs, comfort & to keep us grounded- in addition to physical protection
— To prepare & store for the future

Moving effortlessly in the water, Walrus can teach us to ‘ride the emotional’ waves inevitable in our lives, to pick our battles wisely when in defensive mode, and that as long as we are close to the people we love, we will be protected from a cold and lonely heart.

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Animal Spirit Guide: Coyote


Key words:
— Adaptability, Cleverness, Family, Devotion, Cooperation, Teamwork, Survival, Curiosity

When Coyote crosses your path:
— Ease up. Stop taking things so seriously.
— Stop complicating things. Don’t try to fight the situation, adapt to it.
— Don’t berate yourself for mistakes, learn from them. Accept wisdom learned as a gift.

Think about Coyote:
Cleaver and adaptable, the coyote survives. When hunting, they hunt in pairs, using a relay cooperative effort. One chases while one rests. Their family unit is close-knit and many mate for life. They look out for and protect each other, yet they are playful and want to have fun. While looked at as a pest by many, coyotes still have a sociable nature, wit and cleverness.

Use Coyote Medicine to:

— Move beyond embarrassment of foolish acts
— Become more sociable and accepting of your child within
— Accept your idiosyncracies with humor, rather than shame
— Find the wisdom from your mistakes or missteps

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Animal Spirit Guide: Deer/Fawn


— Gentleness, Caring, Kindness
— Innocence, Vulnerability
— Keen Psychic Insight, Observation
— Sensitivity & Ability to Listen

Use deer energy to:
— Open yourself up more genuinely
— Become aware of your surroundings
— Stay in the present moment

Think about a deer. It doesn’t really have the defenses that so many other animals have, not the teeth of a tiger, the quills of a porcupine or the strength of a walrus. It’s true natural defense to the world around it is it’s keen sense of observation and escaping capabilities. It’s light on it’s feet, it feels and hears the tiniest things. It’s vulnerable, yet willing to move out of it’s world to explore new beings and new sights around it.

Deer medicine can teach us to let down our guard and be vulnerable to the world around us, emotionally, physically and psychically. So often our egos of armor keep us from experiencing those things which can only be experienced through vulnerability and heightened sensitivity. In doing so, we open ourselves up for hurt, as well as experience, but without the experience, we might not feel at all. And that would be a terrible shame.

Animal Spirit Guide: Cheetah

Swiftness, insight, intense focus.

– Cheetah can help us focus on our goals.
– Use Cheetah energy when you need to focus on a difficult task you need to get done quickly.

Think about the cheetah. Unlike most cats, who stalk their prey, cheetahs are so fast, they are able to run prey down. But we also need to understand that the speed they possess can only be sustained for short amounts of time at any given time. Then it must recharge.

So to apply this to what we can learn from Cheetah medicine, (similar in some ways to Antelope medicine), cheetahs have a goal (to catch their food). To attain that goal, they need to be focused, decisive, swift and have great insight. They must get the job done, and then go through the process of resting and recharging.

So when we have a goal we might do well to learn from the cheetah and use cheetah medicine. Cheetah will help us focus on a task, clarify it, get it done quickly and know that rest, relaxation and reflection is part of the process.

Animal Spirit Guide: Kangaroo



Nurturing, courage, gratitude, momentum, foundation, stability, balance, strength, instinct, protection, adaptation.

Think about a Kangaroo. It makes a journey as a fetus from the womb to the safety of the mother’s pouch. They have strong tails and large feet to balance them and to propel them forward, and their tails to navigate the way.

When Kangaroo crosses your path, use Kangaroo energy to:

— Find the strength to move forward in leaps and bounds
— Recognize the emotional nourishment available to you through family (remembering we can define who our family is.)
— Use your momentum to keep moving forward.
— Nurture your ideas, then be prepared for them to progress in leaps and bounds.

Kangaroo energy can teach us:

— to use instinct to avoid from bad situations
— to help us protect our young and create a safe home environment
— to find the courage to leap out into the world to face new challenges, using home and family as a foundation.

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