Animal Spirit Guides: Ladybugs

ladybugLadybug as an Animal Spirit Guide

Renewal, rebirth, past lives, abundance, hope.

When Ladybug crosses your path:
— Make a wish if it lands on you, it may just come true!
— Take time to meditate; let go of pestering thoughts and enjoy the present
— Take time to connect with your body

Think about Ladybug:
They have short life spans, they reproduce multiple generations every year. This cycle goes to the idea of multi-generational renewal. They are found in most climates, and because their lifespan is so short, ladybug teaches us to let go of the pestering thoughts, petty annoyances, and to adapt and appreciate each moment of our lives.

Ladybugs are loved by humans for their delicate and harmless nature. We feel joyful when they come into our lives, as though they are a good omen of things to come. Their wings protect them and they sense vibrations through their legs.

Call on ladybug energy when:

— You feel the need to live in & appreciate the present
— You feel the need for more joy in your life
— You want to foster a greater sense of family unity

Floating with the wind, Ladybug dances from plant to plant, helping farmers keep their crop healthy, allowing for healthy growth and success. They keep the ecosystem balanced which allows for new beginnings, year after year. They feel vibrations through their legs so they are extraordinarily in tune with the present and their instincts.

Ladybug medicine teaches us:

–To appreciate each moment of our lives
— That connecting to our bodies, connects us to our instincts
— To let go of petty annoyances & go with the flow
— To balance all the areas of our lives

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