Color: Blue



Key words: Cool, dispassionate, peace, contentment, heaven, truth, loyalty, sincerity, harmony, ‘as above, so below.’
Sayings: (+) blue chip stock; out of the blue; once in a blue moon; blue state; blue note; true blue; (-) blue Monday; out of the blue and into the black; caught between the devil and the deep blue sea; blue blood

There is no greater calming force than to sit on
a beach and gaze at the vastness of the ocean meeting the freedom of the the sky. Even though there appears to be a dividing line of color at the horizon, it’s as though it all becomes one.

Such an image encompasses the epitome of what blue represents. Delving our gaze into the depth of the water inspires meditation, peacefulness & tranquility allowing us to align our three selves into oneness.

— Low-self (subconscious, or “Ku” in Huna teachings)
— Middle-self (conscious mind, or “Lono”)
— High-self (super-conscious, universal spirit, or “Kane”)

Water represents emotion and the sky is the element of air, which represents thought and intellect. Put those two together and we are able to use our emotional being to look within ourselves in an introspective and self-reflective manner.

If you keep in mind the sky/water image, it will help you remember in that this connection also represents the idea of “as above, so below.
This saying means that all things are one. And when you close your eyes and imagine blue, doesn’t it give you that sense of peace which would allow you to feel that oneness within yourself?

Once you feel that oneness, it is an easy jump to understand how blue symbolizes truth, honesty, loyalty, sincerity and devotion. It would be hard not to be those things when all of our once fragmented selves are perfectly aligned with each other and the universe.

But just as fire warms, water cools. We look to blue when we want someone to ‘cool down’. When blue is overactive, someone might give us ‘the cold shoulder,’ or we might be ‘feeling blue.’ Remember that colors, like everything else in life, have both positive and negative connotations. How we use them, or how we interpret them in a reading is what makes the difference.

Similarly, not only is there positive and negative of the colors, but the depth of the color is significant, as well. While Jupiter rules the darker blues, with it’s spiritual overtones, the Moon rules not only white, but light blue, linked to intuition and insight.

Lastly, blue is the color of the throat chakra where we communicate. One very important method of communication is through our creativity, the other is to understand that not only do we communicate interpersonally with others, but we communicate intra-personally. Blue reminds us that we need to listen to our inner voice. It may have something very important to say!

Color Symbolism & the Tarot
To interpret black in a tarot reading consider these connotations:

Positive & Neutral Connotations

– Cool, Introverted
– Creativity, Emotion
– Intuition, Meditation, Dreams
– Honesty, Truth, Integrity
– Fidelity, Devotion
– Heaven, Connection with the Divine
– Harmony, Balance, Peace, Contentment, Stability

Negative Connotations
– Cold, Aloof, Dispassionate
– Depression, Sadness

Sample Interpretation with Blue
Deck: Universal Waite, Pocket Edition
Card: King of Pentacles

Here is a man, separated from his home (wall between him and the castle) holding an earthly possession (pentacle) and cloaked in a garment w
ith purple grapes & green leaves. This is an example of how small use of color in a card can be very meaningful if that is what sticks out to you in a reading. At first glance, we don’t notice much blue here. But on closer inspection we see not only the grapes and leaves, but that his garment has blue trimmings and one of the steeple roofs on the castle is blue.

Traditionally, this might be a man of finance, trustworthy & honest (blue in the garment), but I drew this card asking to give me not only a card with blue, but one which tells me something I, personally, need to know.

Remember that when you read, book meanings go only so far. You have to read from your intuition for the person you’re reading for. So what blue in this card represents for me, at this point in my life, is this: This is a person who is currently bogged down with earthly material matters. But in being so, there is emotional (blue) fruitfulness and growth (grapes and leaves) if I am willing to accept it as such. This emotional growth, however, still seems to be under the surface (blue) – not something I am yet carrying — or ‘shouldering’ (the blue is only on the robe below the shoulders). I seem still more to be stuck in the morass of earthbound matters.

The wall between me and my ‘castle’, along with the blue and red roofs, tell me that I am still removed from feeling as though I have a the secure home (blue) that I so desperately desire (red).

There is also a bit of blue in the background, but we can’t really tell if it’s an ocean, or blue hills. Because it doesn’t look completely level to me, I am seeing it as blue rolling hills. I see this as an fluid (blue) wisdom (blue and hills) that I have yet to turn around and ‘see’ or ‘look at’ which, in turn, might give me some of the security that I am seeking.

As always, choose one or two key words that are meaningful to you for that specific tarot reading.
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