Color: Green



Key words: Growth, abundance, renewal, harmony, healing, finances, potential
Sayings: (+) green thumb;  get the green light; green state; (-) green with envy; don’t buy green bananas; green as a gooseberry; green about the gills

Look around you. Green is growing. Trees are growing. Plants are growing. They grow as a part of the cycle of life. After a drought, or after a long hot summer, and a long windter to supply the earth with nourashment (water = emotion) we see the sprouting of new growth, with all of it’s hope and potential.

It’s a fertile renewal of our faith that from the darkness springs light, from despair emerges hope, from famine flourishes abundance. It is a natural healer for the scorched earth. This gives us a feeling of peace and restfulness, releasing our tensions and healing our soul. On a physical level, this could mean financial growth or renewal.

Green is the color of the 4th, or heart, chakra. Four is the number of manifestation and stability. Guiding our heart, green presents us with not only the positive emotions of compassion and empathy, but negative ones, as well, (dingy green) of envy, greed, jealousy and suspicion.

Green corresponds with the planets of Mercury (communication) and Venus (love and relationships.) This, in relation to the heart chakra, represents communication in our relationships, which if properly conducted creates in those relationships all the things green represents: growth, harmony, and abundance of love. Green also corresponds with Taurus, which supports the idea of stability, and the tarot card “Temperance” which indicates balance and tolerance.

When interpreting green in a card, consider not only the aspect or item that is yellow, but that all things in the tarot are capable of representing both positive and negative, depending on the card, on the reader, on the position of the card.

Color Symbolism & the Tarot
To interpret black in a tarot reading consider these connotations. 

Positive &/or Neutral Connotations

• Growth, Cycle of Life, Regeneration
• Abundance
• Harmony, Balance
• Hope, Healing
• Finances, Potential
• Reliability, Longevity

Negative Connotations
• Greed
• Jealousy
• Stubborness
• Envy
• Suspicion

Sample Interpretation with Green

Deck: Universal Waite (Pocket Edition)
Card: Queen of Wands
This is a woman who has seen her share of hardship (queen=maturity, grey cloak=depression) but has had the courage and determination (lions) to learn from it (yellow=intellect) and is now in the process of growing (green spouts on the wand and sunflower stem) spiritually (wands) even if that’s all she has to hold on to.

The black cat at her feet represents the mystery of what is to come, her psychic ability in sorting out that mystery, and is her spiritual guide and companion on her journey.

As always, choose one or two key words that are meaningful to you for that specific tarot reading.




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Color Magic for Beginners” by Richard Webster

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