Court Cards as Self

A question was asked about identifying with court cards.

Answer: Personally I relate to the Knight of Cups, even though I’m female. I find this person to be outgoing, friendly and sensitive. I feel as though I am genuine and and I’m an emotional person. I feel like the Knight of Cups embodies all of those qualities.knight-of-cups

I rarely compare court cards on physical similarities, I know some people do, but I feel that to be very limiting. I also don’t confine myself to reading court cards only as people. Sometimes it’s the essence of the card or the card’s personality that is in the forefront. Vision of the Future, Vision of the Past on this blog is a good example of a court card read for a wide range of people.

Clearly that is not meant to represent the ‘personality’ of every person reading the interpretation, but it does use the essence of the card’s personality to present a message to a large mass of people.

Understanding the Court is a good book on court card interpretation. It’s the 5th one down on the page. It is a bit more advanced, so if you’re a beginner, I don’t think I’d recommend it, but I liked it. I don’t use all of it, for instance, I don’t use significators (which is very close to what you’re asking) but it did open up some interesting insights on the personalities of the cards.

One last thing, I read the court cards for years without assigning ‘people’ to them. When I read this book and opened that option for myself, I realized that the qualities & meanings I had been assigning the cards with were not any different than what I was being presented with as new material. It wasn’t new, it was just from a different perspective.

Keep all of your options open when reading the court. They are difficult cards to wrap your mind around, but like any other card in the deck, you just need to develop a ‘relationship’ with them. The more you do that, the more you will recognize which ones are most like you and which ones are not.

Hope this helps.

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