The Power of Mana

Tarot Reflection for the Week of Jan. 20, 2008

Once again we have the two of cups. Things are so divisive in the world, the fact that we are all connected, on some level, can’t help but affect us. It affects our relationships with strangers, our co-workers, our family, but most importantly — ourselves. Sometimes the negative energy in the world just starts to bleed into all of these things.two-of-cups

But there are things we can do about it. We have the power to not only transcend the negative energy coming at us, but in communicating with ourselves, to bring ourselves to a higher plane, we have the ability to put a little positive energy back out towards the world.

It seems small, but think about it. If everyone in the world just worked on themselves and their own spirituality — through reflection, meditation, or by turning inward to heal the parts of our selves that need healing — if every single person in the world did that for just a few minutes a day, think of how the world would change.

Well, not every person will, but that doesn’t mean that those of us that do won’t make a difference. Little by little, by bettering ourselves, we emit positive energy and do our small part to better the world. Little by little, by creating a more positive relationship with our ‘selves’, our relationships with strangers and co-workers and family will evolve into something more fulfilling.

Little by little, by your relationship with others becoming more positive, that positive energy will spread and their relationships with others will become more positive. It’s a domino effect. Positive life force — “mana” as they call it in the practice of Huna — has a way of spreading.

Because whether we like to admit it or not, we are not all separate entities on this earth, we are a unified whole. Our energy passes from one to the other, and if we can make just one small difference in the life of one other small being – whether it be another human by complementing her on something that she’s wearing to brighten her day, who then goes home and has a pleasant night with her husband, who’s had a bad day; or picking a stray cat up to find it a safe and happy home, thereby becoming a lifelong companion for a lonely person in need; or watering a tree that looks thirsty from a long drought, which then goes on to make the air we breathe — if we can make just one small difference in the life of another living entity on this earth, how can we not feel that we have a relationship with that entity and have helped not only them, but ourselves, in a much larger way, because it always comes back around to us.

Isn’t it nice to know how much of a difference we can make in the lives of others, merely by taking care of us.

Symbols Used

    • Caduceus:Healing, Communication
    • Cups: Emotions, relationships
    • Orange: Solar Energy, The Changing Process
    • Winged Lion: Transmutation of lower self to higher self

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