Cheetah as a Spirit Guide


Swiftness, insight, intense focus.

When Cheetah crosses your path:

  • You need to respond without hesitation to opportunities that may be presented to you
  • Consider adding flexibility training to your daily routine
  • Things may be moving quickly, but know that they are taking their natural path and you will be able to ‘gracefully move through the cycle.’*

Think about Cheetah:
Unlike most cats, who stalk their prey, cheetahs are so fast, they are able to run prey down. But we also need to understand that the speed they possess can only be sustained for short amounts of time at any given time. Then it must recharge.

So to apply this to what we can learn from Cheetah medicine, (similar in some ways to Antelope medicine), cheetahs have a goal (to catch their food). To attain that goal, they need to be focused, decisive, swift and have great insight. They must get the job done, and then go through the process of resting and recharging.

So when we have a goal we might do well to learn from the cheetah and use cheetah medicine. Cheetah will help us focus on a task, clarify it, get it done quickly and know that rest, relaxation and reflection is part of the process.

Call on Cheetah energy when:

  • You need to think and act quickly in a situation
  • You have a goal which requires decisive and efficient action
  • You’ve completed a task quickly and efficiently and now need rest

Cheetah medicine teaches us:

  • To adapt quickly to changing environmental factors
  • To not get trapped in rigid thinking
  • To focus on the task at hand

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